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AKME Engineering (Moscow)

Joint venture between ROSATOM and the En+ Group established in 2009 to focus on development of an experimental 100 MW lead-bismuth cooled fast reactor (SVBR) and further commercialization of SVBR technology. A pilot SVBR reactor is scheduled for commissioning in 2019

Alianstransatom (Moscow)

Integrated truck, rail and aircraft transportation services for nuclear companies since 1945

Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex (Angarsk)

Uranium enrichment, hexafluoride conversion, production of chemicals and specialised instruments since 1957; a host facility for the International Uranium Enrichment Centre (IUEC) operating under the auspices of the IAEA

All-Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after V.I. Lenin, Moscow (FSUE VEI)

FSUE VEI performs the research activities in the main areas of electric technology and power electronics including the ones associated with the technologies of high voltages and super high voltage, issues of electrophysics, physics of gas plasma discharge, impulse electrophysics, solid-state physics, circuit engineering, superconductivity. The Institute is a member of a number of international organizations such as CIGRE, IEC, IEEE etc. The structure of the Institute incorporates Experimental manufacturing plant.

Atombezopasnost (Sergiev Posad)

Manufacturing and system engineering (electrical and electronic systems, safety systems, etc.); production of instruments and measurement devices

Atomenergomash Group (Moscow)

Atomenergoproekt (Moscow)

Atomenergoproekt–Atomstroyexport (Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod)

Atomenergoprom (Moscow)

Nuclear power holding company established in 2007 to consolidate over 80 ROSATOM's civilian facilities operating in all segments of the nuclear fuel cycle (from uranium extraction to NPP construction and power generation)

Atomflot (Murmansk)

Federal nuclear fleet company

Atomkomplekt (Moscow)

ROSATOM's organizer of tenders and procurement activities

Atom-Okhrana (Moscow)

Nuclear industry security agency established in 2002 to provide security services to nuclear companies, safeguard nuclear materials and equipment, and monitor access control policies at guarded facilities; includes 28 subsidiaries in 21 Russian regions employing over 9,000 people

Atomproekt, SC (Sankt-Petersburg)

One of the leading enterprises of State Corporation Rosatom engaged in comprehensive design development of nuclear industry facilities, research activities, development of nuclear power technologies of new generation. It develops the designs for new separation and radiochemical industrial facilities, research installations and nuclear power plants with all types of reactors, performs designer surveillance for nuclear facilities at all lifetime stages; it is a participant of Proryv (Breakthrough) project, incorporating a set of closed nuclear fuel cycle technologies with fast reactors. The company was established on July 1, 2013 as a result of merge of the eldest nuclear design institutes in Sankt-Petersburg – Head Institute VNIPIET and Sankt-Petersburg Atomenergoroekt. Thus, the company possesses almost a century-long experience and knowledge in the area of comprehensive design development for power industry and nuclear facilities. Atomproekt is an employer for over 3 thousand of high-class professionals.

Atomspetstrans (Moscow)

Transportation of nuclear materials and other radioactive substances and products inside and outside Russia since 2000

Bochvar National Research Institute for Inorganic Materials (Moscow)

Leading R&D institute, a subsidiary of TVEL Fuel Company, focused on the development and application of composite materials and alloys (including superconducting, high-melting, rare earth and ultra-pure materials)

Dollezhal Research and Development Institute of Power Engineering (Moscow)

Major Russian research centre established in 1952 to develop reactor technologies and automation systems, concentrates research efforts on reactor physics, thermal physics, hydrodynamics, material engineering, nuclear safety, reactor core optimisation, life cycle extension and nuclear decommissioning

Federal Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety (JSC FCNRS), Moscow

FCNRS is the management company within the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM Division for the Back-End of Nuclear Facilities Life Cycle, responsible for consolidation of assets and coordination of research and production activities of companies and organisations incorporated into the Division, including MCC (Mining and Chemical Combine), RosRAO, Radium Institute, Radon, DNR Center.

International Uranium Enrichment Centre (Angarsk)

Isotope (Moscow)

Radioisotope supplies for a variety of industrial, medical and research applications since 1958

Karpov Institute of Physical Chemistry (Moscow)

Research and development function established in 1918 to provide expertise in surface chemistry, adsorption, atomisation, electrode processes, corrosion protection, chemical kinetics and catalysis, radiation chemistry and high molecular weight compounds

Machine Building Plant (Elektrostal)

Mayak Production Association (Ozersk)

Group of diversified manufacturing operations established in the late 1940s to produce plutonium for the Soviet nuclear industry; now focuses on spent nuclear fuel processing, isotope production and process automation; accounts for over a half of Russian isotope exports

Mining and Chemical Plant (Zheleznogorsk)

National Operator for Radioactive Waste Management (Moscow)

General radioactive waste management, including the safe storage of radioactive waste, construction and operation of storage sites, infrastructure development; radioactive substance and radioactive waste control and accounting activities

NIKIMT Atomstroy (Moscow)

Development and application of installation, maintenance, diagnostic and dismantling technologies for nuclear facilities with a focus on innovation; dismantlement of decommissioned nuclear facilities and construction of new infrastructure for nuclear decommissioning

OKB Gidropress (Podolsk)

Engineering company with 65+ years' expertise in design and development of VVER reactors, nuclear steam generators and heat exchangers for fast-neutron reactors; its track record includes design of 66 VVER reactors, 49 of them abroad

OKBM Afrikantov (Nizhny Novgorod)

Leading engineering company and equipment manufacturer established in 1945 offering comprehensive design solutions for pressurized water, gas-cooled and fast-neutron power units

RАDON, FSUE  (Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region) 

FSUE RАDON activity is focused on management of intermediate and low level radioactive waste (RW) generated in national economy (in science, industry, medicine, agriculture etc.). The enterprise performs all kinds of works with RW – collecting, transportation, treatment and safe storage, as well as radiation emergency service, radioecological and mercury monitoring. The main direction of the enterprise activity is radiation safety of the Moscow residents.

Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (Dimitrovgrad)

Major Russian research and development centre concentrating on reactor material engineering and testing, nuclear power engineering, safety issues and advanced fuel cycle technologies; produces radioisotopes for a variety of applications

ROSATOM Emergency Service (St. Petersburg)

ROSATOM's nuclear and radiation emergency response team is integrated into the national emergency response system; it includes a coordination centre in St. Petersburg, three operations centres across Russia, the Engineering and Training Centre for Robotics Research, and the EPRON Emergency and Underwater Rescue Service

Rosenergoatom (Moscow)

RosRAO (Moscow)

Management of radioactive waste and ionizing radiation sources, including transportation, collection, processing and storage, site rehabilitation, decommissioning of nuclear submarines, radioactive substance and radioactive waste control and accounting activities; operates through two subsidiaries – SevRAO in Ostrovnoy, Murmansk Region, and DalRAO in Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai

Rusatom Energy International (Moscow) 

Rusatom International Network

Private institution of Atomic Energy Power Corporation “Rusatom International Network”  has been established for the development and management of regional representative offices of Rosatom all over the world. The main objectives of the company are supporting of the Rosatom divisions activity at the foreign markets, searching for new business opportunities, promotion of production and services of the Russian nuclear industry enterprises at the global market, assistance in creating effective business alliances, marketing and PR support of Rosatom enterprises; performing other functions in the sphere of international business by order of Rosatom and its divisions.

Russian Research and Design Institute for Power Technologies (St. Petersburg)

Russian Research and Development Institute for Nuclear Power Machinery (Moscow)

Design and development of power machinery for conventional and nuclear power plants and special-purpose machinery for other industries since 1977

Russian Research Institute for Chemical Technology (Moscow)

Design and development of uranium and pure metal production technologies since 1951 (ore processing, development of construction materials for the nuclear industry, production of ultra-pure gases for microelectronics and alternative power sources)

Russian Research Institute for Experimental Physics (Sarov)

One of the two national Federal Nuclear Centres engaged in both military and civilian projects in a variety of fundamental and applied fields (safety and reliability of Russian nuclear weapons, theoretical and mathematical physics, gas dynamics, explosion physics, nuclear and radiation physics, lasers, high density energy, beam physics, etc.)

Science and Innovation (Moscow)

Management company established to coordinate activities of 13 research and development institutes within ROSATOM's Innovation Management Division engaged in development of new chemical, electrical and nuclear power technologies

Siberian Chemical Plant (Seversk)

TENEX (Moscow)

Tochmash (Vladimir)

Production of high-precision instruments and machines, gas centrifuges for uranium enrichment, spent nuclear fuel containers, military products, gas meters and calibration tools

TVEL Fuel Company (Moscow)

United Corporation for Innovations

United ecological, scientific and research centre of decontamination of radioactive waste and environmental protection, FSUE (Moscow region)

VNIPIpromtechnologii National Research and Design Institute for Industrial Technology (Moscow)

Leading design and research institute specialising in end-to-end design engineering of uranium mining and processing facilities; to be reorganized into an engineering centre of ARMZ Uranium Holding

Zababakhin Russian Research Institute for Technical Physics (Snezhinsk)

One of the two national Federal Nuclear Centres engaged in both military and civilian research projects in a variety of fundamental and applied fields (material science, thermonuclear fusion, plasma physics, nuclear safety, nuclear materials management, computer modelling, etc.)

Zarubezhatomenergostroy (Moscow)

Quality assurance and control functions (nuclear fuel acceptance, project design audit and quality audit) since 1973; 24 offices across Russia

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