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The first in the world guaranteed reserve of nuclear fuel has been set up in the Russian Federation

01.12.2010 14:40  |   Communications Department of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM

In the Russian Federation, building up of a guaranteed reserve of low enriched uranium, under the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the IAEA regarding the establishment on the territory of the Russian Federation of a physical reserve of LEU and the supply of LEU therefrom to the IAEA for its Member States signed in Vienna on March 29, 2010, has been completed.

The built up guaranteed reserve amounts to 120 tons of uranium hexafluoride enriched 2.0% up to 4.95%, of which at least one third is enriched 4.95%. This amount is sufficient for two loads of a 1000-megawatt light-water reactor, which are most widely used in the world.

The guaranteed reserve is placed in the storage facility of the International Uranium Enrichment Center in Angarsk, which was established in the framework of the initiative launched by the President of the Russian Federation on January 25, 2006, concerning setting up a global infrastructure which will allow providing equal access to atomic energy for all interested parties with strict observance of nuclear nonproliferation safeguards.

Setting up of the guaranteed reserve is based on provisions of the IAEA Statute which entitle the Agency with the right to render services associated with the nuclear fuel cycle. The guaranteed reserve is called for to ensure that all states, especially those which do not possess all links of the process chain in the nuclear fuel cycle, when entering the path of development of nuclear of their own feel secure in terms of nuclear fuel supplies.

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